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Google form PEC questionnaire sent out by CX Xiang on 5/8/2018. Dear PEC researchers, As part of the Benchmarking project in EERE HydroGEN Consortium (https://www.h2awsm.org/), we have developed a PEC Benchmarking Questionnaire to collect feedback from the research community on Best Practices for screening, characterization and benchmarking materials, components and devices for PEC water-splitting.
The Questionnaire begins with three multiple choice sections that address 1) conditions used during the benchmarking of PEC devices, 2) standard PEC materials, and 3) standard chassis materials/designs. These questions aim to help develop guidelines for the best practices to use in benchmarking PEC device performance and enable effective comparison of devices across researchers. We also included open questions on critical areas that need further development and how collaboration with national labs can best advance this technology. At the end of the Questionnaire, we would like know whether you would be interested in participating in the development of a Test Framework for PEC water-splitting. If you would like to get involved, we will send out a follow-up email that will include a draft Test Framework and ask for your edits/comments/suggestions. By drawing from the experience of our experts in photo-electrochemistry, we hope to streamline data collection and foster a collaborative environment that leads to new breakthroughs in PEC water-splitting. We would like to receive your feedback within two weeks, and I will then send out a briefly summary to people who participate in this Questionnaire. Please use the following Google Form (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdbmWpyqTnHquXrzOGr4NcIdPGAqvWbEoA4mLLx32bG7sZifw/viewform) and thank you for your time! Best, -CX Chengxiang(“CX") Xiang, Staff Scientist Joint Center for Artificial Photosynthesis California Institute of Technology 626-395-1566 http://sunlight.caltech.edu/cx/

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