Sheets 1-2: Sulfuric acid high temperature decomposition stream data (E-NRTL Model, simulated in ASPEN Plus, 3/19/2018). Data available from process modeling simulations (using ASPEN Plus) for the high temperature H2SO4 decomposition into SO2, at 14 bar and max operating temperature of 850 °C. Results have been obtained using a new model that employs the Elec-NRTL model included in ASPEN Plus. The binary interaction parameters and the equilibrium constants have been assessed, fitting experimental solubility data for SO2 in aqueous sulfuric acid solutions [Kaur H, et al. Fluid Phase Equilibria 460 (2018) 175-188]. The data were obtained by GWE in conjunction with the Savannah River National Laboratory (Max Gorensek) capable lab. The modeling data were validated from previous experimental data about SO2 solubility in aqueous sulfuric acid mixtures.

Sheet 3: Preliminary solar field layout optimization information. The purpose of this data is to determine an optimum solar field design power, layout, and tower size with regard to unit cost of power [$/kWt]. Originally generated as "HyS_field_optimization_02.xlsx" by Zhiwen Ma and Patrick Davenport.

Sheets 4-6: Preliminary, non-uniform flux distribution for the HyS receiver, sized for 200 MW peak power. The purpose of this data is to aid in transitioning from a receiver CFD model with a uniform flux distribution BC to one with non-uniform flux. Originally generated as "example_flux_22_03_18.xlsx" by Zhiwen Ma and Patrick Davenport, with help from Janna Martinek.

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Author clacor
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DOI 10.1016/j.ijhydene.2017.06.241
Institution GreenWay Energy LLC
Capability Node NREL Techno-Economic Analysis of Hydrogen Production
Technology Type STCH-Hybrid
Data Source Type Modeling and Simulation
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