Benchmarking Advanced Water Splitting Technologies: Best Practices in Materials Characterization

Recipient Proton Energy Systems, Inc (PI: Katherine Ayers)

Subs Caltech (PI: C.X. Xiang), Arizona State University/ASU (PI: Ellen Stechel) and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory/PNNL (PI: Jamie Holladay)

To request test protocols, please contact the PI below for the technology of interest.

  • Kathy Ayers, Proton OnSite Inc. (LTE):
  • Olga Marina, Pacific Northwest National Lab (HTE):
  • C.X. Xiang, California Institute of Technology (PEC):
  • Ellen B. Stechel, Arizona State University (STCH):

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Abstract Topic 2B: HydroGEN - Development of Best Practices in Materials Characterization and Benchmarking for Advanced Water Splitting Technologies