Supernode IDEA: Emergent Degradation Mechanisms with Integration and Scale Up of PEC Devices

Recipient Lawrence Berkely National Laboratory/LBNL (PI: Nemanja Danilovic) and National Renewable Energy Laboratory/NREL (PI: Todd Deutsch)

HydroGEN Node Experts

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory/LBNL:

  • Peter Agbo
  • Nemanja Danilovic
  • Frances Houle
  • Tobias Andreas Kistler
  • Francesca Toma

National Renewable Energy Laboratory/NREL:

  • Daniel Friedman
  • Myles Steiner
  • James Young

Water Splitting Technology PEC

Status Awarded

Abstract Objective: Develop understanding of integration issues and emergent degradation mechanisms of PECs at relevant scale. PEC research is mainly focused on performance and durability of small-scale cells ~1 cm2, scale up will inevitably introduce new pathways for degradation and integration challenges. This node will demonstrate PEC and integration of components at scales of 5-50 cm2, and characterize the emergent degradation mechanisms. Multiphysics models will be developed to correlate the observed phenomena, while technoeconomic (TEA) and life cycle (LCA) analyses to track and validate performance/cost metrics at these scales.