ow-Temperature Electrolysis (https://h2new.energy.gov/research.html) LTE systems are commercially available today but are fabricated at low manufacturing volumes and are still not sufficiently affordable, durable, or efficient. H2NEW's experimental and analysis capabilities form a crucial feedback loop for identifying barriers and validating progress toward overcoming these barriers. View our LTE capabilities.

Task 1: LTE Durability Identify stressors leading to degradation Perform aging studies Characterize membrane electrode assemblies, components, and interfaces Develop accelerated stress tests.

Task 2: LTE Performance and Benchmarking Establish and validate performance benchmarks Harmonize procedures and execute of standard and advanced ex situ, in situ, and in operando diagnostics Test cell performance in support of electrode development Develop reproducible analysis pathways for the research community and industry.

Task 3: LTE Manufacturing, Scale-Up, and Integration Scale up lab-scale methods to meet targets Fabricate materials for durability and performance testing Engineer interfaces and components.