High Efficiency PEM Water Electrolysis Enabled by Advanced Catalysts, Membranes and Processes

Recipient Proton Energy Systems (PI: Katherine Ayers)

Subs Oak Ridge National Laboratory/ORNL (PI: Karren More) and Tufts University (PI: Iryna Zenyuk)

Water Splitting Technology LTE

Status Awarded

Abstract Proton OnSite, in collaboration with Tufts University, ORNL, and the Energy Materials Network (EMN), proposes to develop an advanced proton exchange membrane water electrolysis membrane electrode assembly (MEA) that meets or exceeds the EMN targets by addressing membrane, catalyst, catalyst layers and their interfaces. The core technology was originally used in life support applications, and is highly over-engineered and under-optimized for manufacturing, providing opportunity for significant cost reduction and efficiency improvements. Many of the basic elements have already been demonstrated, but fundamental understanding of the impact of manufacturing and process conditions on electrode structure and integration with the balance of cell components is required to consistently fabricate MEAs with acceptable cost, durability, and performance. We intend to utilize tools that will allow for rational design of low catalyst loaded electrodes on suitable membranes, and characterization of the interface with adjacent components to enable these loadings while maintaining durability.