Scalable, High-H2 Flux, Robust Thin Film Solid Oxide Electrolyzer

Recipient Redox Power Systems (PI: Colin Gore)

Water Splitting Technology HTE

Abstract Low Faradaic efficiencies (FE) of 70 - 40% from 500 - 600 oC, respectively, shunt the applied electrolysis current in state of the art BZY electrolytes. The low FE limits proton (H+) current to ~0.5 A/cm2 at 1.4 V at 500 oC, ½ of the DOE target of 1 A/cm2. This project will develop a multilayer concept to 1) block the electronic current with one layer, dramatically raising FE, and 2) provide steam protection with the second layer, thereby mitigating long-term degradation and extending lifetime. The multilayers will be deposited by physical vapor deposition, overcoming high temperature processing challenges that have hampered the development of conventionally processed high performance proton conductors.