Best-in-class Platinum Group Metal-free (PGM-free) Catalyst Integrated Tandem Junction Photoelectrochemical (PEC) Water Splitting Devices

Recipient Rutgers - State Un. of NJ: New Brunswick/Piscataway (PI: Eric Garfunkel)

Subs Rutgers (PI: Charles Dismukes and Martha GreenBlatt)

Water Splitting Technology PEC

Status Awarded

Abstract Objective: The Rutgers team of Garfunkel, Dismukes, and Greenblatt (5+ years of productive collaboration) will formalize relationships with NREL to answer a central question that the DOE has posed to the PEC community: what is the highest possible performance achievable using the best PGM-free catalysts, and how does that performance change as the system is optimized for value? The proposed work will demonstrate a PEC cell engineered for best value, by accomplishing two things: 1) benchmarking the maximum experimental PEC device efficiency obtainable by interfacing our best-in-class, non-precious metal hydrogen and oxygen evolution reaction catalysts (Ni5P4 and LiCoO2, respectively) with high efficiency (higher cost) multi-junction photoabsorbers, and 2) comparing that maximal performance to a lower cost device created by interfacing our catalysts with emerging (oxy)nitride photoabsorber technologies.