A New Paradigm for Materials Discovery and Development for Lower Temperature and Isothermal Thermochemical H2 Production

Recipient University of Florida (PI: Jonathan Scheffe)

Water Splitting Technology STCH

Abstract In this project we aim to develop next generation thermochemical materials that operate isothermally and provide a pathway to scalable and efficient (ηsolar-to-fuel > 26%) thermochemical H2 production, ultimately enabling < $2/gge. We also aim to develop synthesis strategies for ceramic foams with tailored porosities that enable rapid kinetics and heat transfer rates, ultimately scaling them up to approximately 100 g to be tested using a high flux solar simulator. Further, we aim to study the kinetics and thermodynamics of established thermochemical materials, namely ceria and LSM40, under isothermal operating conditions, and extend the methodology to candidate compositions identified by DFT and preliminary experimental screening.